Pool Repairs

Have Your Pool Professionally Repaired by Pescadero Pool

At some point in time your swimming pool is going to need some repair work done. Pipes break, filters go bad, pumps burn out and so on. We understand that you want your pool to be a sparkling oasis in the Baja desert and for it not to cause you to go broke in the process. We strive to be as fair in pricing as possible while still providing top quality service and work.

If any part of your swimming pool isn’t running right, Pescadero Pool can fix it. We can offer estimates for most repairs at no charge. Our pool repair technicians are among the most skilled and responsible in the industry. With years of training behind us, we get to the problem in no time. We provide clear explanations and alternate repair solutions to fit your budget and help you feel good about your pool repair decisions. We can bring your pool or spa back to health today.

Pool equipment comes in all different shapes and sizes. If the pumps and filters you have in your pool are too small, it can disrupt the circulation of the pool itself and harm the plumping. Pescadero Pool will be able to check the sizes and confirm that they are too big or too small.